Revolutionary Treatment For Men Having Difficulty In Maintaining Erections

Adriana Arenas   December 12, 2016   Comments Off on Revolutionary Treatment For Men Having Difficulty In Maintaining Erections

Most men suffer from some ailments or the other once they reach a certain age. Ageing causes a lot of physical and emotional problems in both men and women. The body not just undergoes physical changes, like receding hair lines, wrinkle on skin, weak eyesight, loosening of muscles, weakening of teeth etc., but also acquire certain ailments with age, like memory loss, arthritis, cataracts, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and so on. They also suffer from weaker sex drive, failure to ejaculate, low sperm count and are mostly low on energy and vigor. However, it can be treated.
• Difficulty in maintaining erection
Blood flow is very important for a proper erection. When a man is stimulated sexually, widening of arteries occurs and the penis gets filled with blood which gives it firmness for easier penetration inside the vagina. Men whose blood flow are not proper or have some ailment which restrict the blood flow will not have a proper erection. In fact, most men find it difficult to maintain an erection due to the ageing process and related ailments. Ed treatment, treatment of kidney stones in Dubai, urinary incontinence and so on is the several kinds of treatment with which a urology specialist can help with or treat.
• Revolutionary treatment through acoustic waves
Several kinds of treatment and medications are available for men with such erection problems which include pills, vacuum devices, penile injections and so on. The most recent development is the shockwave therapy for ED. In this therapy, the probe which has special coating of a gel is applied to the penis. Different areas of the penis are focused on and men might feel a tingling sensation in the focused areas of the penis. The session can last for fifteen to twenty minutes and there is no need for anesthesia as men do not feel any pain. The therapy has helped many men and has given encouraging results. Most men found improvement in erection and better sexual life after the therapy. Visit this link to gain more information about the shockwave therapy for ED.
• The therapy or process
The acoustic waves are used for targeting certain parts of the body. These acoustic waves are applied to the penis where they target the deep tissues and cause mechanical stress. This mechanical stress causes the release of angiogenic factors, which trigger neovascularization of tissues. This results in improvement in blood supply and thus better erection ability. This therapy helps men to have an erection on their own. This revolutionary treatment is still in its initial stages and in the experimental stage, but it has the power to rehabilitate the erectile tissues.