Ideas For Your Big Day

Adriana Arenas   February 6, 2017   Comments Off on Ideas For Your Big Day

Planning your wedding day can be extremely exciting and the ideas that you can implement are only limited by your own imagination. Of course at first you will feel compelled to follow the traditions associated with weddings that women have followed for hundreds of years before you but the truth is that you do not have to follow any of these traditions.
Breaking tradition
It is your big day and you have the freedom of deciding what you want to do with the day. In honesty, if you were to truly look at the traditions and rituals of weddings and find out the history behind them, you will notice that they are unnecessary in modern days and even a little silly. As an example, the tradition of a bride carrying a bouquet of rose’s dates back to times when there was a scarcity in water and women had already started to smell bad by the day of their wedding in UAE and therefore they would carry a bouquet of fragrant flowers to help to mask the smell of their body odor. As such, you will see that these century old wedding traditions are extremely unnecessary in these modern days and you do not have to follow them if you do not want to. Ask your wedding organizer to help you to plan something out of the ordinary and different so that your big day is completely one of a kind.
You can be completely creative about everything from your wedding dress to your kosha design by choosing to step away from tradition.
You can even wear a wedding dress that is your favourite colour instead of the traditional white dress that everyone wears after Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding a century ago. By choosing to stick to your own ideas, you will not only be able to make your wedding absolutely unique and give your guests the time of a lifetime but you will also be able to save a lot of money because everything that is associated with weddings will usually cost a lot more money. As an example, a white flowing ball gown is likely to cost as massive amount of money but a beautiful evening gown in another country that is just as stunning will cost you a fraction of the price because the shops will not associate it with a wedding. Like this, instead of a wedding bouquet, you can choose to carry something else that is meaningful to you to adorn your beautiful wedding dress.