Make Yourself Heard

Adriana Arenas   September 20, 2016   Comments Off on Make Yourself Heard


In the modern day it is quite hard to be heard over the noise and clutter of the world. To make your brand presence known it is pivotal to appeal and relate to the market you are approaching. This becomes a harder task if your company is located in a different geographic location to your customer, or are planning on moving into a different geographic location. Apart from the difference in time zones cultural and social differences also come into play. So it is quite important to understand your consumer as well as the differences she would have to the customer segment you are used to.

Adaptation of a marketing copy to suit a separate audience is a tricky subject. Even though it is not quite different in nature to a legal or medical document translation, it requires a specific understanding of the target segment.

Currently there are many marketing translation, helping brands look more appealing to different cultural backgrounds. When providing such a service it always important to look at the following pitfalls that could destroy the campaign altogether.

Humor is one area that you need to be careful with. One man’s “laugh out loud” could be quite offensive to another man, especially when there is a cultural difference. Another problem could be when the humour is lost in translation. Many case studies in how not to use humor and instances they have failed could be found on the internet.

Similar problems could arise with the use of puns, metaphors, idioms etc.. Even though copywriters use puns frequently in headlines, taglines and even in the body, finding such a similar one in the new language will require a lot of effort, and may even be impossible; even if you are lucky enough to find one, it might not have the exact impact and may have different meanings altogether. Most adverts have their value in these devices that are used, but forcing it into a new language might not be the best approach to take.

Apart from linguistic devices another main aspect is the imagery. Colors play an important part in how a marketing piece is accepted by the consumers. It also has a big impact on how your brand is placed and identified. Unfortunately though colors and imagery also have different meanings in different contexts and it is important to get an understanding of how colors should be used.

Another major factor to consider is whether your brand name on its own could mean something different and offensive in a different language. This could even require you to rebrand and go under a separate name in to this market.